What is a pre-order / pre-sale?

Pre-order (or pre-sale) indicates we are making products to order*. Fulfillment times vary between 3-8 weeks depending on what item(s) you ordered. After you place your order you will receive a confirmation email to the address you listed (it’s helpful to double check your email is correct before placing your order. Sometimes order confirmations will  go to your Junk folder; we recommend searching “CREAM” in your inbox and junk folder to confirm your order was placed) :) Once the item you ordered has gone through production, is packaged, and processed by USPS, you will receive a tracking number through e-mail. *There is a limit to the amount of pamphlets that can be pre-ordered so don’t wait to make your purchase! 

When will my Bufo pamphlet ship out?

1st Pressing/Green Cover: [SOLD OUT] 

All orders have been shipped out already (depending on where you live they may take some time en route). If you have not yet received your tracking number there may have been an issue with your address (or e-mail address), please contact us at shop@creamforever.com & we will be happy to help get it sorted out.

2nd Pressing/Brown Cover: [SOLD OUT] 

At this time (Feb.1) The 2nd pressing pre-order has not been sent out yet (the 3-6 week timeline listed for fulfillment on the pre-order is looking closer to 6 weeks due to shipping delays on some of our materials). We plan to be in production the weeks of Feb. 1-5 and Feb, 8-12 (screenprinting, riosgraphing, and binding) and beginning to ship out when the orders are completed that second week and into the week of Feb. 15th. Once your order is completed and packaged your tracking number will be generated and e-mailed to you. *Please wait until the week of Feb. 15th to inquire over e-mail (shop@creamforever.com) about the whereabouts of your order, at which time we can assist you with more details. 

3rd Pressing/Gold Cover:

Sales begin Feb. 1st for this pre-order (once again a limited number are being put up, please order ASAP) and will be fulfilled and shipped out in April and May (updates on that timeline will be posted via social media and periodic emails in March). 

Why does fulfillment take so long?

The 3-8 week timeframe allows us to open and close a pre-order once we have reached our capacity, order and receive all our raw materials, go into production, package and ship your order. This leaves time for our materials to arrive (and account for any possible delays) and for our team to work safely within our COVID- protocols to produce and prepare the pamphlets and shirts. The pamphlet cover is screenprinted and sewn/bound by hand, and the interiors are risographed page by page so each one takes more time then a standard printing and automatic binding process. We are so proud to help produce these handmade items and share them with you, and we hope you enjoy all the intention and craftsmanship that has gone into this reprinting of Ken Nelson's 1983 iconic work.

Where are proceeds/profits going?

1) 100% of the proceeds from all three printing runs of the pamphlet go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, in honor of Ken Nelson, the author of the original work. 

2) 100% of the proceeds from the "Church of the Toad" graphic tees go to Gail Patterson, the artist who provided most of the graphic work in the original pamphlet. 

3) 100% of the proceeds from the Toad Twill hat go to the Tucson Herpetological Society, and lastly, 

4) a portion of the proceeds from the “Biosynthesis” Tees go towards legal fees for a chemist who was arrested for synthesizing 5-MeO-DMT for research.

What do I do if my item is missing/stolen/damaged?

Because the items are all made by hand and of a limited quantity, it is difficult to replace them. Please do send us an email with your order # and details to shop@creamforever.com if you have experienced an issue and we will work with you to remedy the situation if we are able. 


Can I change the size or color of my shirt after the fact?

Unfortunately no. Because we are receiving hundreds of e-mails a day, it is not always possible for us to read your e-mail and make an adjustment to the work order for our printshop in time before they go into production. Please double check the sizing information and color before you make your purchase. 


Will I receive a tracking number with my purchase? Yes! See ‘How long will my order take to ship?’

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